Nigerian singer Paul Okoye breaks silence after her wife’s divorce request

After 17 years together and 7 years of marriage, Anita Okoye, wife of famous Nigerian artist Paul Okoye aka Rude Boy, filed for divorce a few days ago. And as one might expect, Paul Okoye was quick to take the floor to comment on this unprecedented situation.

Former member of the legendary group P-Square, Paul Okoye has to face divorce proceedings launched by his wife Anita Okoye.

During a chat on OAP Do2tun, the Nigerian star made a point of sending a message to netizens.

“My family problem is nobody’s business,” he exclaimed.

“Let the Okoye family have the peace I think they have now. My family problem is nobody’s business. I hate waking up all the time and seeing people saying things you know. Whatever happens, it’s just a choice thing and one thing you have to do is try to respect people who one day wake up and say they don’t want to do more, okay. As I always tell people, it’s so unfortunate this family issue that I think no one should know about it, but it’s so unfortunate that P-Square has to pay the price. “ he added.

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