Zimbabwe: an union sues enterprises over covid vaccines order

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has sued several companies for ordering employees to receive Covid-19 vaccines or risk the sack.

In an urgent court filing cited by privately-owned ZimLive website, ZCTU said the actions of the companies violated workers’ constitutional rights.

“There is no law in Zimbabwe making vaccination compulsory. Each person, having fully considered the implications and effects of vaccination, is expected to make a personal decision on whether or not to get vaccinated,” ZCTU argues in the court application.

Public Service Minister Paul Mavhima and Attorney General Prince Machaya are also enjoined in the case.

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The Zimbabwe government, which has ordered all civil servants to get vaccinated, is targeting to inoculate at least 10 million of its approximately 15 million citizens by the end of this year.

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