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COVID-19: vaccination to be compulsory from mid-August in New York

New York City Hall officially announced on Tuesday the restriction of access to restaurants, gyms and shows to people vaccinated against Covid-19. The announcement comes directly from New York City Hall through a statement issued on Tuesday.

It will be necessary, gradually from August 16 according to AFP, to be vaccinated to go inside the restaurants of the city, or in the sports halls or shows.

On his Twitter account, Mayor Bill de Blasio, thus supported: “If you want to be an integral part of society, you must get vaccinated. It’s time. You will need to prove your vaccination against Covid-19 to dine inside a restaurant, to access New York’s gyms, concert halls and performance venues. It’s life insurance for the safety of our city. “

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“If you are vaccinated (…), you have the key, you can open the door. But if you are not vaccinated, unfortunately, you will not be able to participate in many activities”, he said added again during this press briefing.

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