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United States: Biden calls to offer $ 100 to vaccinated people

Joe Biden, the US President called on states as well as local governments to offer, out of the funds they have received, $ 100 to all people who get vaccinated in order to encourage the vaccination program.

The president also issued a strict new vaccine requirement for US federal workers, the nation’s largest workforce with some two million people.

Just under half of the US is fully vaccinated, according to official data.

Speaking from the White House on Thursday, Mr Biden said that the new measures are a result of the highly contagious Delta variant’s spread, made worse by a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”.

“I call on governments and local governments to use the funds they have received including those from the National Assistance Plan to give $ 100 to those who are vaccinated”, declared the President.

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Mr Biden added that the monetary incentive may seem unfair to already vaccinated Americans, but “we all benefit if we can get more people vaccinated”.

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