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Madagascar: the civil society claims the covid-19 vaccine

The Malagasy civil society wants to know why the country still refuse to join the global and free vaccination project. According to RFI the French International Radio, most of the inhabitants of the isle seem to be totally unaware of the existence of a vaccine developed to fight this pandemic.

“Covax facility” the global access to subsidize doses of covid-19 vaccine initiative has been proposed to the Isle. However, the government’s spokesperson announced at the end of November 2020 that they do not want to suscribe on the list of beneficiaries.

“(…) Why until today Madagascar has not joined the covax mechanism? what are the reasons? and what are the solutions about that? It is still important that the government explain clearly and publicly its position. Will we have or not an access to the vaccine for each citizen? the government must speak out and take into account the needs and expectations of the population”, has reacted Hony Radert the General Secretary of the Collective of Citizens and citizen Organizations (CCOC).

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Let’s note that the country so far has 187743 total cases including 17930 recovered and 279 deaths

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