Macky Sall

Covid-19: two regions in Senegal under curfew this week

Facing the progression of the covid-19 pandemic, the Senegalese president Macky Sall announced in the beginning of the week, the return of the state of emergency in the regions of Dakar and Thies. A curfew is established since Tuesday, January 5 from 9Pm to 5Am.

After a long meeting with the National Committee for the Management of the Epidemics, the verdict was final: ” the situation is serious”. according to authorities, the two regions concerned such as Dakar the Capital and Thies concentrate 90% of positive cases.

For the president, this situation is due to the loosening up with respect to barrier gestures and the correct wearing of the mask. Consequently, we can note the upsurge in community cases, severe cases, serious cases and deaths.

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According to the Minister of the Interior, the legal duration of the curfew is 12 days, but can be extended if the autorisation is given by the National Assembly. Everything will depend on the evolution of the sanitary situation.

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