Sidiki Diabate: his first words after his release from prison

Sidiki Diabate is free last December 29 and it is the first day of the year that he has chosen to express himself.

Released some days ago, the Prince of Kora adressed his fans from his Facebook page. “My dear fans, dear collaborators, the great griot families, artists, activists and bloggers, the anonymous people of Mali, Africa and of the world, it is from the bottom of my heart that I send you my most sincere thanks”, has written Sidiki Diabate.

“To you who believed in me, to all of you who testified me attention and affection, to all of you who have shown me your unfailing support from near or far. And to you who carried my pain at arm’s length from the beginning until today through your prayers, messages, visits, your videos, etc… you have been a great comfort to my family and I. May the Almigthy bless you as well as your families. To our authorities, I want to reassure you of my unfaliling availability until the end of the process.”

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